The Water Bug Hotel

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July 30th 2005 @ Jersey City Hall Plaza.
A Day That Will Live in Infamy..

This Tribe is dedicated to the Water Bug Hotel Crew spreading its Artistic Vision throught both sides of the Jersey / NYC border and the rest of the World.

This is the Set-Up portion...

2 events in JULY I am recommending.

JULY 9th, 212-592-3248
227 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215
Brooklyn Lyceum, Corner of President Street.
R train to "Union Street"

This is an excellent activity to experience!

Find out what Raw Food Raveing is all about!

Ask for Zen's List at the Door, make sure
you add your email to It...

As an incentive, you will be included in the
"Blue Concert Freedom Tower Parade Rafle"

You will have an opportunity to Win Prizes
collected from various organizations / "bizness"
throught the Tri-State Area in preparation
for The Blue Concert Revolution at Avalon.

The Rafle will take place JULY 30th, 2005

During The Waterbug Hotel Arts Festival @
Jersey City Hall Plaza 1 Block from Grove
Stop on the Path System. --- Carpe Diem

If you are interested in being involved as:

Volunteer in any of our future activities.

Reply to Sender. (
CEO, Alejandro Otero - 646.413.5128
BurningClone.Org, Inc.

Also check-out.
These newly refurbished groups.

To be taken off this email List,
Reply with request. you can also email me to
Say "WasUP"

and what's in it for you!

Dear Waterbug friends,

The Waterbug Hotel Arts Group, Inc. is a registered non-profit cultural organization dedicated to sponsoring, supporting, and producing art and all forms of creative self expression in Jersey City and the surrounding area. We began our trajectory of activity during Jersey City's Art Studio Tour 2003 and since then have produced a series of weekly arts-related activities such as workshops, poetry readings and musical performances. We're currently working on more projects and we're planning to establish an art center to serve Jersey City.

The Waterbug Hotel was founded on the grassroots efforts of a dedicated few who believed in Jersey City enough to sacrifice their time and money to establish an institution they felt would contribute greatly to the cultural growth of the community. However, the time has come for us to call upon beneficent proprietors and other institutions to aid us in this endeavor.

The Waterbug needs your help...

We are seeking financial support.

At the moment there are 2 projects that
The Waterbug Hotel is working on that are in need of monetary support.

Those projects are:

1. The Waterbug Hotel Annex

2. The Waterbug Hotel Website

Your incentives!

1. The Waterbug Hotel Annex has been the hosting venue for Hudson County's premiere poetry/music series, Words&Music, for 2 years. We're planning on extending our use of this venue for arts workshops, exhibitions, film festivals and other cultural events. We need your contributions to help us rent the space on a regular basis. Here are the amounts we seek and the incentives offered:

2. The Waterbug Hotel Web Site receives a monthly average of 150,300 hits, 2,700 visits from all over the U.S. and over 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia (Webalizer stats provided upon request). The site features an online literary digest (formerly a printed publication called The Waterbug Hotel Digest), a picture gallery featuring images from our events, an events page updated regularly and sent to our email list of world residents based throughout the tri-state area.

If interested in contributing you may request to speak or meet with one of our partnering representatives.

CEO, of BurningClone.Org, Inc.
Zen Alejandro Otero -

Contributions are made payable to our partner group, BurningClone.Org, Inc.*

* BurningClone.Org, Inc. is a collaborating organization whose mission it is to catalyze multi-cultural, multi-generational collaborations and to support & promote social entrepreneurial activity in neighborhoods, communities, schools & universities and to help bring celebration out of protest.

For your Random info:
A Public Service Announcement.

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